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  2015 Terms Start
19th January
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Mondays - 7.15pm to 9.00pm
Last week before  Christmas
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Resumes 21st Jan 2015      
Satsang Room     
Facilitated by:     
Bruce Frederickson
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Welcome to Sivananda Ashram & Beacon Yoga Centre, Fremantle / Perth, Western Australia

Sivananda Yoga is more than just exercises.  It is a synthesis of body, mind and spirit through knowledge and spiritual practices.
We have a timetable that caters for most needs.

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Yoga is both the way and the goal. In a very practical sense, Yoga provides a tiered system which fulfills the needs of all people. From the consideration of how one acts, to the well-being of the body/mind, to the transcendental space of Samadhi, Yoga is that magnificent spiritual canopy beneath which the means for fulfilling the aspirations of the human spirit to find the Truth of itself are assembled and protected.

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Being a Friend of the I.Y.A. brings discounts on Yoga classes, Yoga Days, Events and Retreats and access to our extensive Library.

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We have a wide range of interesting events including Satsangs, Meditations, Spiritual Classes, DVD nights, Yoga Days and much more.

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Yoga South of Perth, in the Fremantle / Beaconsfield region

Sivananda Ashram and Beacon Yoga Centre
Tel:  (08) 9335 9339    |    Email: info@sivanandaashram.org.au
151 South Street, Beaconsfield WA 6162  |  Mail To:  PO Box 2, South Fremantle 6162
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